Track Info

The Brainerd Optimist Drag Strip originated in 1957 in Hixon, Tenn. This was located on Crabtree Road using land that had been loaned to the club for this purpose. In the early days the winner received a $50 war bond and all other finalist received a trophy. In 1964 the track was relocated to the property we know of on Scruggs Road in Catoosa Co. Georgia.

At that time Class racing was the norm and Brainerd offered Stock, Super Stock, Modifed, and Gas. Bracket racing came along in the 70s with class racing continuing until around 1981.

In 1976 the racing surface was adjusted to run 1/8 mile races instead of 1/4.The reason for this was a safety issue in the form of a creek at the end of the track.